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Music Ministry


At Spirit of Joy we believe in the spiritual power of music and music-making. Participating in worship music brings our congregation together and creates community among us. Joining in our rich traditions of song, we join with the saints who sang the songs before us; and as we grow in our own faith we write and sing new songs that reflect what God is doing today. We endeavor that our music be participatory, accessible, engaging, and vibrant; no matter how old or new a piece of music is, we want to put our hearts in it, as a church body. We believe that using diverse musical styles and talents, and including expansive language for God, are ways that our musicality reflects our diversity and the multiplicity of God’s creation. We encourage all voices and all instruments to find their place in our community, and we endeavor to help all our people grow in their musicality and their worship. 


Every Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm the choir gathers for rehearsal (except during Lent when the choir meets at 7:45pm). The choir sings every Sunday in worship, September through May. Come join us and make a joyful noise! 


Do you play a musical instrument? Would you like to play with us on Sunday mornings as we worship? Contact Luke Leverett for more information on how to get involved! 

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